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    5 Simple Ways To Transport A Car Across Country

    Are you interested in moving a car across country? Continue reading and learn 5 ways to relocate a vehicle from state to state.

    Car Shipping Across The Country

    Car shipping across country is a delicate process that requires you to have various readily available options to safely relocate your car. There is a wide range of the variety of simple services that you can use to ensure your car has been safely transported across the country. Some of the promptly available options include but are not limited to the following five simple ways:

    car shipping across country

    #1: Car Shipping On Truck

    This is the most reliable, and traditional method of car transport across the country. This mode of shipping allows you to choose whether you want your car to be shipped in an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. The former involves having your car shipped in an open-air truck which typically moves 7 to 10 cars at a go. It is cheaper than the following option, which is most popular when shipping high-end, exotic, or customized cars. Shipping your car on a truck further simplifies car transport across the country. Auto Transport 360 offers various options such as door-to-door shipping, terminal shipping, and expedited vehicle shipping, which allows you to choose the method that works best and is most convenient for you.

    #2: Car Shipping On Rail

    Another simple method of ensuring that your car has been shipped across the country is while loading the car onto a train from one destination to the other. This method, however, may leave your car vulnerable to vandalism as it waits for transportation from one depot to another. Transport on rail may incur extra charges for transportation from the depot to the location of where you will want your car to be delivered if you are unable to collect it yourself from the railway depot.

    For car shipping quotes on rail visit Amtrak's auto train experience.

    #3: Car Shipping On Cargo Container

    This option involves the use of a cargo container whose sizes vary between 20 to 40 feet. This will require you to contact a cargo shipping company, and you will be expected to provide information on how you can be contacted once your car reaches customs and is offloaded from the cargo container. Cargo containers are a reliable method of international car transport because typically, your car will be safely secured to ensure that it does not move during transit, thus guarantying minimal damage to your car, if any.

    #4: Hiring A Driver To Take The Car Across Country

    This is an option that allows a person to hire another person to drive their car from their location to the new destination. You can choose between hiring a professional driver, or a college student looking to earn an extra buck to ensure that his or her car has been safely moved from one point to the other. Choosing a professional driver for one's car may prove to be slightly more expensive as opposed to using a college student, or a non-professional driver. The only downside to this option is that one may be slightly uncomfortable handing the keys to your car to a stranger.

    Note: If you opt for this option, make sure to have the vehicle's insurance up to date, and contact your insurance company to advise of this trip

    #5: Driving The Car Across Country Yourself

    Another simple way to transport your car across the country is while driving the car yourself to the destination where you want it. This option is however only viable if you have some time to spare for the drive. It is, however, very critical that you consider the extra cost of amenities such as food and the cost of a motel if the relocation requires an overnight or several days' drive.

    Other factors such as the cost of the mode, the amount of time that each mode will take, and the risk involved with the particular model that you choose to use for car transport across the country will help you decide what works best for you.

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