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    Find The Safest Car Transport Services In Texas

    Are you interested in shipping a car in, to or from Texas? Continue reading and learn 5 ways to ship a car.

    Car Transport In Texas

    Are you planning to move to Texas, to hopefully share in some of the riches that it offers? You need to ship your car to Texas, but you don't know who to ship with? Well, you will need to do a quick online search of ‘car transport in Texas' and you will get loads of results. This task of searching for the right fit for your car transport can be daunting since there is a gazillion of companies vying for your business. Texas has more choices than any state in the union when it comes to car shipping. All these car transport in Texas offer similar services but they aren’t all the same.

    Regardless of what way you look at it, the cheapest way to ship a car is via a terminal to terminal. If you are pressed for cash, this mode is the way to go even though, it is not usually recommended since it is usually slower and less convenient compared to door to door shipping. Many major cities have a terminal or two where you can drop your car off at, and nowadays they are relatively secure.

    car transport in texas

    Ensure That You Get A Binding Car Transport Quote

    Very few car transports in Texas will give you a binding price quote that does not escalate. Most companies will give you a non-binding quote or an estimate that can usually go up later. This car transport in Texas that gives a non-binding quote will not tell you till later. The only way to find out is to google the company’s name with google reviews after their name. The next thing you will need to do is look for reviews that complain of discrepancies in price.

    Ensure That You Are Visiting Is Unique and Is A Federally Licensed Car Transport Company Located In United States

    The United States Department of Transportation requires a valid federal license and a $75,000 bond. These companies should always display their Motor Carrier (MC) number on their website. In case you do not see an MC number on their website, they are probably lead generating websites that farm your shipping data and send it to off-brand car shipping companies, some of which are not in the United States.

    Make Sure That The Car Transport Company Provides You With A Damage-Free Guarantee

    Although damage during transit is rare, at times it happens. A carrier should provide you with a damage-free guarantee or help pay if you must use your insurance for a claim. In the event that your vehicle sustained damage in transit, and you are forced to make an insurance claim on the carrier’s insurance and they turn it down, you have to file a claim on your auto insurance policy, the carrier company should pay up to a certain amount for you.

    Ensure That The Car Transport Company You Select Operates 7 Days A Week

    In the event that there are issues with the driver transporting your vehicle, it’s important to be able to reach someone. If they do not advertise on their website or Google listings that they are open seven days a week, do not hire them since being unable to reach your auto transport company could cost you time and money.

    The Most Common Car Shipping Cities In Texas?

    • Dallas, Texas
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • Houston, Texas
    • El Paso, Texas
    • Laredo, Texas
    • Austin, Texas
    • Killeen, Texas

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