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    Florida Car Transport

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    Ship your car with 5 star rated - qualified auto transporters.

    State to state and local car transport service.

    Auto is loaded and delivered at the address you want. Business or residential.

    Single vehicle hot-shot trailer, single level multicar carrier, multiple car carriers, lowboy car carrier, flatbed, and enclosed trucks.

    Car Transport To And From Florida?

    Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States, and also one of the preferred places for people within the U.S. and abroad to travel for pleasure or business. Annually our network ships more than 50,000 cars, and motorcycles to and from Florida, making it one of the most important states within the car shipping industry. Car transport to and from Florida just seconds away, with the best car shippers out there! It doesn't matter if your planning to go north, center, or southern Florida, as our network has the best car shipping companies in the state, focused exclusively on the transport of cars for people and businesses. Transporting your car within Florida or to another state is very easy and relatively inexpensive. With Auto Transport 360 you will get free access to great shipping rates, and different types of trucks to carry your car safely to the delivery location.

    To learn more about our car shipping services and rates to transport your car to and from Florida, you just have to use our free online calculator tool. Enter the locations where the car will be picked and delivered, then enter the information of the vehicle that will be shipped, and finally your contact information. Upon receiving your information, Auto Transport 360 will search in a matter of seconds for the best and top-rated car transport companies within Florida and nearstates. These car shipping companies will send you their official quote in seconds, it's that easy. You will choose the price of your transport.

    Find The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car To And From Florida

    If you are interested in saving money while shipping your car, you are in the right place. Matter of fact, our system is designed one hundred percent to compare the best car shipping quotes from different car carriers. Within seconds, you will receive 5+ shipping quotes from the top-rated companies. All will be bidding their best rate to transport your car. It doesn't get any better! Save up 60% on your car transport today!

    These are some requirements all companies must meet to guarantee a safe, honest, and trustworthy service:

    • All transporters must have the proper licenses to ship a car.
    • All transporters are required to possess the appropriate amount of insurance to transport a vehicle.
    • All transporters must have a USDOT and MC number granted via the department of transportation.
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    We request basic information in order to provide accurate shipping quotes. This information is kept safe and secured within our transport network.

    AT360 is a free car shipping tool made to help people and businesses simplify their auto transport experience.

    All auto transporters affiliated to our network are FMCSA and Department Of Transportation approved.

    Yes, you can speak and email with all the transporters 24/7.

    Household goods. Need house moving quotes? Visit our online moving calculator tool.

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    Cheapest Way To Ship A Car?

    When shipping a car from one place to another, you want it done safe and cost-effective. Save up to 60% on your car shipping while using top-rated transporters within our network. Auto Transport 360 will find the cheapest way to ...

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    Auto Transport 360

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    How To Choose A Good Car Transport Company

    No matter the industry you will always come across good and bad companies. Car transportation is not the exception. Auto Transport 360 wants to share very important bullet points that can be used to determine the transporter you want to ...

    Auto Transport Delivery Time Frames

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    How To Prepare Your Car For Transport

    Lets Get Your CarReady For Shipment! The vehicle must be clean for the inspection. A dirty vehicle decreases the ability to perform a quality inspection.(* With the exception of vehicles coming from any auction)We recommend the gas tank to be ...


    Here are the most common cities where we have shipped cars recently:

    • Miami Car Transport: Miami has been the most frequented city shippers. We have transported more than 3,530 cars to and from Miami in the past twelve months. These numbers represent 20% of the cars that were shipped in Florida last year. Car transport to and from Florida made simple!
    • Orlando Car Transport: Orlando numbers are not far behind when it comes to car shipping. Thanks to all the tourism that this beautiful city has to offer, you draw thousands of people each time to visit it. Auto Transport 360 has more than 17 car shippers located in Orlando. Some offer car shipping services within Florida and others to different States. People in states like New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut often transport their car to Orlando, Florida.
    • Tampa Car Transport: The four-county area is composed of roughly 3.1 million residents, making it the second-largest metropolitan statistical area in the state, and the fourth largest in the Southeastern United States, behind Washington, D.C.; Miami; and Atlanta. It is common for our truckers to pick up and deliver cars for prestigious dealers and auctions in Tampa. In January 2020 alone, we shipped more than 450 cars from and to the Tampa Bay. When we talk about car transport to and from Florida, Tampa has to be in the equation.
    • Jacksonville Car Transport: Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida as well as the southeastern United States, and the largest city area in the contiguous United States. The city counts with a great Geo-location in Florida and also across the nation. Car shippers will easily cross state lines to pick up cars that are available in Northern Florida. Jacksonville also has the largest port entry for cars coming through the south of our country. Auto Transport 360's network loads more than 1500 cars from the port of Jacksonville, cars that come from Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Haiti, and other Caribbean countries.

    Car Transport Companies In Florida

    Car transport to and from Florida with the best car shipping companies. Auto Transport 360 qualified all the companies that access the free quote program. We ensure that your car is in the hands of the best companies in the market.

    All car shipping companies going to and from Florida are fully bonded and insured to make your life easier. Leave the shipping to our experts. Florida has more than fifty percent of the country's car shipping companies. Thanks to this, your car will not only be safe, but it can also be shipped quickly! Car transport to and from Florida made easy for you. What are you waiting for? Get a free quote today!

    car transport to and from florida

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    Save Up To 60%

    Our wide-range car shipping network connects shippers with top-rated car transport companies within seconds. You will have transporters provide free shipping estimates for your review instantly.

    Handling over 15,000 car shipments every month gives us the experience to relocate your vehicle safe. Ship your car anywhere fast and cost-effective today. Save up to 60% on your next move while using one of our transporters.

    Nationwide Car Shipping Service

    We make it easy to find the best car transporter within your budget. Get a free quote with your shipping needs, the make and model of your car, and be as detailed as possible. Once you request free quotes, transporters who specialize in shipping cars will submit quotes to your email. You’re able to talk to transporters and review their transport history, safety records, and customer-rated feedback, as multiple carriers compete for your work. 

    Car Shipping Cost Calculator

    1. Tell us about your move. When are you shipping? Where are you shipping? What type of car?
    2. Compare quotes from top-rated car transporters within our network.
    3. Select the best quote when you are ready to ship and let the experts help you!

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