Cheapest Way To Ship A Car?

When shipping a car from one place to another, you want it done safe and cost-effective. Save up to 60% on your car shipping while using top-rated transporters within our network. Auto Transport 360 will find the cheapest way to ship your car at no cost. Whether you bought a car on eBay, from another state, auction, dealership, or simply relocating, we can help!

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These Are Some Ways To Save Money

Car transport companies can give you a better deal if you book at least two weeks or more prior to the shipment date. Why? Our transporters will have enough time to coordinate transport logistics, accessing more truck space.

Another way to save money and finding the cheapest way to ship a car is choosing an open truck car carrier vs an enclosed truck. Both as completely reliable, bonded and insured. When shipping a car on an open truck you will get it done for almost half of the price, but your car will be exposed to the weather during the transit period, while, shipping on an enclosed truck, the vehicle will not be exposed to anything.

Finally, another way to find the cheapest cost to ship a car is determined on the geographic locations involved. Some specific routes count with multiple auto transporters going back and forth on a weekly basis, making the price negotiable due to the big amount of truck space available.

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Are you looking for a cheap and affordable way to ship your car? Whether you’re moving across the country or purchased a car from out of state, there are many safe and reliable ways to transport your vehicle at such a reasonable price!

We have listed 10 tips on how to find the cheapest ways to ship a car. Remember, car shipping costs vary widely, and the cheapest option for you will depend on many factors. When deciding on a car shipping method, consider asking yourself these questions first:

  1. Is budget your main concern, or do you also take your car’s safety into consideration?
  2. Do you need the car urgently, or is it a lengthy transport duration OK?
  3. Do you prefer shipping your car in an enclosed space, or are you comfortable with an open carrier?
  4. Do you want to get multiple quotes at once or do you have the spare time to request quotes from car companies?

If you have answers for all of the questions above, then you are ready to drive into how you can find the cheapest way to ship a car!

  1. Open Vs. Closed Car Transport:

Which is Cheaper?

For those who are only concerned about budget, an open carrier is considered the cheapest and most convenient way to ship your car. But there are a few cons to this method. Shipping your car through open transport, you are exposing your ride to adverse weather conditions and road debris. If you’re totally okay with that, then this is the best and cheapest option for you.

As for those whose cars are of rare value, then choosing an enclosed carrier is recommended. Enclosed transports can offer the best protection to your automobile. However, it comes with a price.   You’ll have to pay around two times the cost of an open trailer if you want your car to be shipped an enclosed carrier.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to ship an exotic or collectible vehicle, then enclosed carriers are the way to go. But if you want a quick and cheap car transport, an open carrier would be the best choice.

  • Open Vs. Closed Car Transport: Which is Faster?

Open carrier services are more in-demand compared to enclosed transports. But they can compensate with the volume of demands as there are more open carriers available. This means open carriers are the cheapest and the quickest way to ship your car.

Disclaimer: If you’re moving cross-country, expect up to two weeks for your car to arrive. You have to pay extra for faster shipping.

  • Multiple Quotes or Request Quotes From Individual Car Firms?

When it comes to purchasing a car transport service, it is less like that you’d choose the first one you come across. You would probably spend hours — even days — working out exactly which carrier you are comfortable with, weighing the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ between the different options.

When you take time to request quotes from individual companies, your choices will be restricted and you will have to use up a lot of time. It can be all too easy for you to simply accept a price from the first car transport company you stumble upon without comparing it against the market, with the thought that the company will be offering you the best value price. But the problem is that there are many companies out there that will give you one price without telling you that you have to pay more for their service.

It, therefore, pays to get at least one or two additional quotes. And this is where we come to the picture. You can get started now getting an instant quote from us! Getting multiple quotes will help you find the cheapest way to ship your car.

  • Door-To-Door Car Shipping vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Car shipping: Which is Cheaper?

The short answer: terminal-to-terminal method is the cheapest way to ship your car.

Where you currently reside can be a significant influence on your transport costs—and you’ll want to decide which shipping method you feel more comfortable with before creating a shipment listing. So, what’s the difference?

Nowadays, door-to-door shipping is the common method of shipping a vehicle in the industry. Standard-wise, it is the cheapest way to ship a vehicle. Many auto transporters offer door-to-door shipping as much as open carrier services, so it’s easy to get a quote with this method. Also, if you’re shipping a standard vehicle that you use daily, then door-to-door shipping is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, terminals can be a great way to ship a car if pressed for cash, especially if you’re living outside a major city. Most companies focus on fewer, shorter trips with more vehicles—to and from accessible urban areas. Hence, if you’re not willing to pay extra cash for these transporters to deliver your car directly to your rural home, then it’s best to choose this method.

But beware, terminal-to-terminal transporters are often slower and less convenient than door to door shipping.

  • Is there any other cheap way to ship your car?

If you still haven’t found the best option for you, don’t worry. We still have a lot up our sleeves. So read on, maybe you’ll finally find the one that will capture your heart.

  • Use a shipping marketplace – With this method, you’re eliminating the middle man (auto transport brokers) from the equation. You can contact individual carriers yourself and request for quotes. Basically, you’ll be your own broker. It’s a lot of work, but there are many marketplaces that can help you make this process easier.
  • Make sure you’re shipping off-season – Usually, the busiest months for the car transport industry are June-August. So, if you want the cheapest way to ship your car, then avoid these months.