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    Find The Cost For Car Transport and Save Hundreds

    Are you interested in saving money when shipping a car? Continue reading and follow our guideline to help you find a cost-effective way to transport a vehicle.

    Cost For Car Transport

    Finding the cost for car transport might sound like something ordinary as one can go through classifieds to find the right company to undertake the task. However, it gets out of the ordinary when the consideration to save hundreds is considered. Finding the right cost for car transport varies from one individual to another depending on the finer details involved. It is good to get to know the finer details with a guideline on the factors that determine how much you can pay for the car shipping service.

    cost for car transport

    A Determination On How The Car Is To Be Delivered

    The choice of the method of delivery for the car is crucial to check the cost. There are two considerations to make which impact the cost and they come with advantages as well as disadvantages.

    • Terminal To Terminal Car Transport

      With this method, a car is dropped off in a common terminal where cars are collected for transporting. This is a cheaper option as the transport is calculated according to a fleet of cars that have to be transported. The setback with this method is that one is at the mercy of the company and delays can be experienced where the company has to wait for a set number of vehicles to be reached before hitting the road. This can cause unnecessary delays.

    • Door To Door Car Transport

      With the door to door car transport option, it offers convenience of the car being picked from where it is and dropped off at a convenient destination. It is a bit more expensive option although it comes with the comfort of one having a control of the time it takes to deliver a car.

    The Type Of Car Transport Truck Preferred

    Another important part for consideration is the type of truck that will transport the car. There are 2 types namely:

    Under open type, the cost is cheaper as many cars can be transported. There is, however, a risk of the car being damaged with rock chips or other elements.

    The enclosed type offers the convenience of the safety of the car. Your vehicle is not exposed to the weather, or rock chips. It is however expensive, and it takes long to get the required number of cars to transport.

    Gathering Of Multiple Car Shipping Quotes

    Before any car transport service, shopping around for quotes is another task that is very crucial. It guides you on which company to settle for, depending how affordable the quote is. The quote should talk about:

    • Insurance

    The insurance part is tricky and as such one has to be careful before committing. There are certain aspects that have to be made clear. One company to another will display what is on offer. The car shipping company has to ensure that everything discussed in terms of commitment is documented. You can demand a certificate of insurance prior to the pick up of the vehicle.

    • Shipping rates

    These are normally determined differently, however, the most common is to charge per mile covered. One has to ensure that  the method of calculation is cleared defined before committing.

    To get free car shipping rates click here.

    • Delay policy

    Delayed delivery of the car will at times be taken care of within certain companies who will refund  part of the shipping rate. This has to be verified before committing.


    These are the considerations that have to be made as far as the cost for car transport is concerned. A number of decisions have to be made and they can only be made you. Information will lead to the right steps of ensuring the cost for car transport remains within the affordable range.


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