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    Enclosed Car Shipping Service

    How To Calculate Car Shipping Cost

    Let's start using our car transport calculator. Enter the city of origin and destination. Then enter the information about the car and the approximate date of the transport. Finally, enter your information so the companies we match can provide free estimates for your review.

    Difference Between Open and Enclosed

    Enclosed car shipping is the safest way to ship a car. The fact that your vehicle is covered at all times, not exposed to the weather or any other item, makes it safer than shipping your vehicle via open car carrier.

    When To Consider Shipping Your Car Enclosed

    If your expectation is any of the following, you can consider an enclosed car shipping service.

    • Have car insurance exceeding $250,000 during transport.
    • Do not want to expose your car to dirt or weather conditions.
    • The car has expensive customization, for example, a paint job.
    • It is a classic and old car that requires special care.
    • Vehicle has low clearance to the ground, and needs a lift gate.

    Average Cost Per Mile

    The cost per mile can vary between one route and another. Also, the longer the trip, the more economical the cost per mile. It usually ranges from 75 cents a mile to $2 per mile. The price per mile may also vary according to the season. Sometimes rates rise in the winter.

    Average Car Shipping Cost

    The average cost of a local move is $395. The average cost of a coast to coast move is $1450. These are estimates for a 2 - 4 door running car.

    enclosed car shipping

    Enclosed Car Shipping Help

    Is it necessary to have the car insured for transportation?

    Negative. All of our enclosed transporters have sufficient cargo and liability insurance for your vehicle. The driver will inspect the car before loading it to the trailer. The same inspection is done at the delivery end to make sure the vehicle gets dropped off in the same condition.

    Is It Worth Paying More Money For Enclosed Shipping?

    It is worth paying more as long as the type of vehicle demands this service. It is not the same to transport a Toyota to a Ferrari. You more than anyone know if the vehicle is worth the extra cost.

    Enclosed Shipping Benefits

    Full Protection Bumper to Bumper: Your vehicle remains in a closed truck all the time. It will be delivered intact and without dirt.

    Ship Multiple Vehicles: Transport from one to six cars at the same time.  We offer low rates and discounts when you transport more than one car.

    Reliable Car Carriers: We have preselected the best carriers for your next car shipping. Save money while shipping your car with the best companies in the industry.

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