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    Car Shipping To Hawaii: Find Shipping Companies, Ports, and Rates

    Hawaii Car Shipping Guide

    Have you decided to move to Hawaii? You are probably debating selling or transporting some of your items including your car across the pacific. If you decide to transport your car to Hawaii, you will need to seek the services of a car transport company. Chances are that you will need to google for 'Car Transport to Hawaii’ and this will give you a gazillion of options that will leave you confused about which company to contact for the service. As you go on looking for the best auto transport company for your vehicle shipping, below is a list of questions you need to ask yourself before you settle on a specific auto transport company.

    hawaii car transport

    How Long Have The Company Been On Business?

    Brokers and carrier companies come and disappear within a short period. In most cases, companies with a bad reputation and poor online presence resurface with a different name. Most of these companies use online automatic quote generator that base prices on mileage rather than the current trend and knowledge of the business to issue quotes.

    Such companies might put the entire shipping in jeopardy as they might end up demanding more money from you to complete the shipping. It is for this reason advisable to use an auto transport company that has been in the business for a long time and knows how to perfectly deliver a satisfactory job.

    What Is Their License Status With The Department Of Transportation?

    It is a requirement the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that every carrier or broker must have a Motor Carrier (MC) number before they are allowed to transport vehicles. Copy the company’s MC number from their website and search it on the internet to see whether the company is authorized, or you can search it here. If you get a ‘Not Authorized’ in red letters, do not let that company transport your vehicle regardless of the excuses they give you.

    Do They Have Cargo Insurance For My Vehicle?

    Even though chances for damage while transporting a vehicle are minimal or close to none, you want to be safe just in case the uncertainty falls on you. For this reason, every company that offers Car Transport to Hawaii must provide cargo insurance. You must also ensure that the company you hire has a backup insurance policy since this will help you save a hefty sum of money should an unpleasant issue occur during the transition.

    Have You Read Their Customer Reviews and Ratings Online?

    If a Car Transport to Hawaii company has been around for long, there will certainly be some reviews for them. You can get these reviews from many reliable and independent review sites on the internet. A good example of the independent sites includes Google, Moving Feedback, and Transport Reviews, but you will also need to get deeper into details to get the complete story. Some of the reviews to check before you settle to hire an auto transport company are how the company handles problems that may come up in the process.

    You need to also read their Better Business Bureau (BBB) customer reviews online which is found on the site of every established business in the United States. These client reviews are verified the BBB before it is posted on their site. This ensures that the information you are getting is genuine.

    Are They Offering The Best Rates?

    Car Transport to Hawaii can be quite expensive. You don't need to choose the most expensive option, but you should also avoid choosing the cheapest car transport company. Your decision should be based more on your diggings as well as how comfortable you are with the company. Generally, value is just one more reason to go with a big vehicle transport company.

    Hawaii Car Shipping: Flexible Schedule

    We coordinate the transport according to the needs of each client. All transporters can guarantee to drop off and delivery dates to accommodate your schedule in the best way. Travel time may vary according to the island's origin and destination.

    Hawaii Car Shipping Ports

    Ports In Hawaii

    • Hilo

    • Honolulu

    • Kahului

    • Kawaihae

    • Nawiliwili

    Drop Off / Pickup Hours:

    7:30 AM - 11:30 AM — 1PM - 3PM

    Monday - Friday

    Ports In Mainland

    • Long Beach, CA
    • Oakland, CA
    • Seattle, WA
    • Tacoma, WA

    Drop Off / Pickup Hours:

    8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    Monday - Friday


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    How To Calculate Hawaii Car Shipping Cost

    Let's start with using our car transport calculator. Enter the city of origin and destination. Then enter the information about the car and the approximate date of the transport. Finally, enter your information so the companies we match can provide free estimates for your review.

    Hawaii Car Shipping Experts

    Auto Transport 360 is leading the car shipping business across all 50 states. We specialize in shipping cars and motorcycles to and from Hawaii for individuals, businesses, and the military. All vehicles are fully insured and protected from saltwater during the transport journey. Don't wait any longer and request a free quote to speak to the best Hawaii car shipping experts.

    We can ship your car to Hawaii at the lowest rates. You can choose two different types of shipping options, the first one is door to door, and the other is the door to port. Bring your car to the nearest port or have one of our car transporter companies pick up the vehicle from your door.

    How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car To Or From Hawaii

    The average transit time when shipping a car from Hawaii is 5 to 8 days. Some islands may add 2 to 4 more days of transportation. This does not include the transition time that the vehicle remains in the ports waiting for boarding or the inspection process.

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