How To Choose A Good Car Transport Company

No matter the industry you will always come across good and bad companies. Car transportation is not the exception.

Auto Transport 360 wants to share very important bullet points that can be used to determine the transporter you want to hire for the job.

Here we go…

Transporter background check: It is very important to research information online about the car transport company before booking your auto transport. Reviews is the best method. Every licensed car transport company should be registered to the largest network for car transport reviews called ”Transport Reviews”. Click here to find a company.

Avoid Low Ballers: While in the process of comparing price quotes for your car transport, you will notice some transporters sending very low rates compared to most of the others (Market Value). The reason they do this is to catch your attention, earn your trust, end up booking the move and than hit you with a last minute bait and switch.

Do Not Pay Upfront: Yes, some transporters will try to charge you a partial or full payment for the transport in advanced. You will only want to pay the transport company once they have dispatched the truck to pick up the vehicle or when your car is delivered at the destination.