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    How To Calculate Car Shipping Cost

    Let's start using our car transport calculator. Enter the city of origin and destination. Then enter the information about the car and the approximate date of the transport. Finally, enter your information so the companies we match can provide free estimates for your review.

    Difference Between Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

    Open car shipping is the most cost-effective way to ship a car. Eight out of every 10 car shipments are done via an open truck. You will always find more truck space available for open shipping, making the cost much lower vs enclosed car shipping.

    open car shipping

    Average Cost Per Mile

    The cost per mile can vary between one route and another. Also, the longer the trip, the more economical the cost per mile. It usually ranges from 50 cents a mile to $1.25 per mile. The price per mile may also vary according to the season. Sometimes rates rise in the winter.

    Average Car Shipping Cost

    The average cost of a local move is $250. The average cost of a coast to coast move is $950. These are estimates for a 2 - 4 door running car.

    Is Open Car Shipping The Cheapest Way To Transport A Car?

    Most people and companies choose to transport their cars in open trucks because it is much cheaper and on some occasions faster. Why is it cheaper? The answer is simple, for every ten open trucks, there is one enclosed truck, so you will simply find more trucks, and therefore more spots available to transport your car, making the rates more competitive among car transporters.

    Why Auto Transport 360's Open Car Shipping?

    Best Prices: We offer the best rates in the car transport industry. Our shipping calculator is responsible for finding the best rates in seconds.

    Nationwide Operation: Our technology is responsible for running the best local car shipping companies in all cities and states within the USA.

    Top-Rated Transporters: We pre-select the best transporters following a formula of experience, age, insurance liability, licensing, among other filters.

    Door To Door Service: The truck driver will pick up and deliver the vehicle at the address you give us. The driver usually communicates a day before to schedule the pick-up or delivery time frame.

    Types of Open Car Shipping

    Single Vehicle Hot-Shot Trailer: This is usually a pickup truck (dually) with a one-car trailer attached. It can easily transport a sedan, SUV, van, or a full-size pickup truck. Commonly used for short-distance shipping, or a long-distance expedited car shipping service. It's considered an open car shipping because your vehicle will be transported, and not be towed.

    open car shipping hot-shot trailer

    Single Level Multi Car Trailer: By using a single level multi-car trailer we can transport anywhere from two to six cars simultaneously. Our transporters use this truck for short and long-distance trips. It can be attached to a pickup truck or a large truck. Easily enters any neighborhood or street regardless of the street size.

    single level open car shipping

    Multi-level Multiple Car Trailer: The majority of our transporters use this type of trailer. It is the most common trailer within the car shipping business. You usually see these trailers on the highways carrying new and used cars. It can load up to twelve cars on the same trip, and It's mainly used to ship long-distance on a large load.

    multivel level open car shipping

    Lowboy Car Trailer: Very similar to a single level car trailer, but with much more weight capacity. Commonly used to carry heavy-duty vehicles on short and long-distance trips. With a low boy trailer, you can ship tractors, dump trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, or any other heavy equipment. To get free quotes from experts click here.

    lowboy open car shipping

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