Open VS Enclosed Auto Transport Trucks

There are two ways to ship your car on a truck. The first one is via open car carriers and another way is via enclosed car carriers. The most common way due to cost effectiveness is shipping on open truck. Ninety percent or even more of the car transport jobs inside the United States are done on open car haulers. Both type of trucks have cargo and liability insurance coverage.

Here is the difference between both:

Open Car Transport

When looking to ship your car you will find out the fastest and cheapest way is open truck. Your car will be shipped in one of those trucks you usually see on the highway with 5 to 10 cars on the trailer – Just like that!

Not all the time an open truck will be a big 18 wheeler. Sometimes your car will be picked up on an open truck with a 4 car carrier trailer attached to it, this is also considered open truck. Due to the trailer, these trucks will only haul automobiles.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed trucks are usually used to ship high-performance vehicles, antiques, motorcycles, golf carts and other motor vehicle that cannot fit on a regular car carrier trailer.

People also choose to go with enclosed because of the amount of insurance on their car. Open trucks can insure your car for up to one hundred thousand, while enclosed trucks coverage can go all the way to one million dollars.